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Kardashian Sisters Prove They are Educated by Writing a Novel

First, a disclaimer: If any portion of this book, including the dedication, was actually typed out by any one of the Kardashian sisters and not described to a ghost writer while getting a pedicure, then I am the Queen of England. Anyway, ghost written or not, the names Kourtney: Khloe: Kim– KARDASHIAN are splayed across the brassy leopard print cover of “Dollhouse,” the sisters’ literary debut. Naturally, the book is about the glamourous comings and goings of a “family in the #8221; Despite the parallels to their real life (whatever that means for the Kardashians), Kim says it is partly fictitious and “you’ll have to decide for yourself which story lines are true to life, and which ones we dreamed #8221; We suggest you...
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